The Patriarch | Richard Yap
Richard Yap’s rise to fame has been phenomenal. From playing Papa Chen in the prime time soap “Binondo Girl”, Richard is now known as the well-adored Sir Chief in the daytime TV series “Be Careful with My Heart.”
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The Doting Father

Meet The Yaps

Cool and caring.

As Richard Yap continues his journey to the crazy world of the biz, his wife Melody, daughter Ashley, and son Dylan, is coping very well with the new found fame of their late bloomer heartthrob dad.

The Yap household is happily and gratefully embracing the big change as Richard’s career shift was approved and supported by the whole family. Melody on her part is very supportive of her husband’s loveteam in fact most of the times she is the one who thinks of ways to keep the fans happy and continuously gets ‘kilig’ with the tandem.

And Melody has always been that kind to Richard in fact the more years that they have stayed together, the more he realized that she is indeed an ideal partner who brings out the best of him as a husband. Melody never stopped believing in him and supported him all throughout his ventures as a businessman, an actor and as an endorser.

His parent’s objection then to his marriage to a Filipina all changed because Richard proved that he is right from the very start – Melody will stand by his side. Indeed, through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, and in richer or for poorer, they will be together no matter what happen.